DIRTT Environmental Solutions


We don't make walls We Liberate the space between them
At DIRTT we don’t make products, we build projects. While our components are best in class, it is the way you use them that makes them special. You tailor them to your needs and they are built quickly in a protected, clean factory ready for installing in your space.

Case Studies

We are very pleased to share success stories from our clients. Each of them faced challenges in making their built environment suit their goals. DIRTT is grateful to them for their support and their stories.

Industry Applications

The mentor at DIRTT is LEGO®. DIRTT components connect using a repeated interface, yet the outcome is always different. That’s why DIRTT fits into all kinds of industry sectors and cultures.



These walls are all about the liberation of space! You design them to reflect your culture, perfectly fit your building and improve the performance of your organization. They easily integrate today’s technology and are ready to accept tomorrow’s while supporting any and all furniture on our patented horizontal support.

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You design ‘em. We make ‘em. Our favorite is the sliding barn door – proof that reducing your footprint (9 sq. feet of swing space!) doesn’t decrease quality of life.

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DIRTT’s cabinetry and drawers follow in the footsteps of their older sibling; Walls. DIRTT Millwork is tailored to fit the space you want them in and are fully finished so you can move them to a new location. You end up with beautiful fit and finish quickly and on-budget.

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Pre-engineered, pre-manufactured, pretested means less labor, less time and no material waste. The plug & play nature of DIRTT Power unleashes your future to make large or small adds, moves and changes whenever it suits you, not the electrician.

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One of the most expensive trades on a job-site is the data installer. DIRTT Networks helps mitigate that cost and get the job done quicker. Everything arrives prebuilt and pretested and simply clicks together.

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Having a DIRTT Floor isn’t a flashback to the dark ages; it is an excellent hedge for the future. DIRTTT Floor gives you a fast installation of your power and data infrastructure and keeps it all easily accessible to your needs.

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DIRTT Environmental Solutions