DIRTT is radically and profitably modernizing the multi-billion dollar construction industry. Previously unimagined mass-custom modular solutions offer speed, design, performance and environmental sustainability for the built environment. The result is a powerful investment for our clients and a potent strategy for DIRTT as a company.

- Mission and Vision -

We Value

  • our Clients
    Everything we do, right up to developing innovation in our own solutions, is in response to our Clients' desires. A construction site is the land of 'anything can happen.' DIRTT prides itself in being the first to step up to dig into challenges, find solutions and stand beside our Client until the project is a success.
  • our Partners
    DIRTT is spread by a community of engaged Distribution Partners. They bring DIRTT to their clients and see projects through to final move-in and beyond. By having these powerful people out in the world selling and delivering, DIRTT is able to concentrate resources on innovation, service and continual improvement.
  • our Technology
    By making ICE® software our platform, DIRTT is the first company in the world able to manufacture custom solutions as a standard practice using fewer resources than typical manufacturers. The patented combination of a videogame experience, with the intelligence of engineering and design, means ICE gives clients a full understanding of their construction project. Simultaneously ICE delivers the design as a barcode directly to the factory floor — no matter where that factory is in the world.
  • our Culture
    DIRTT is contagious. We are successful when our own partners, suppliers and even clients declare themselves as 'DIRTTbags'! Each of us in our own way makes the world a better place by using less, making less waste and adding more design and performance to the world around us.
  • our Environment
    Every level of DIRTT reflects our devotion to the environment. Our solutions mitigate waste, energy and sprawl for our clients. Our manufacturing methods, our marketing tools and our people are continually lessening the waste stream, carbon footprint and energy use. Equally important, every day we prove environmental sustainability is a profitable enterprise that does not cost our clients more.