Architects & Designers

You're skilled at interpreting your clients' needs to create spaces that not only reflect their vision, but build upon it in extraordinary ways. All we do is give you the freedom and tools to design custom spaces exactly how you imagine them. See how smart design melds with our parametric solutions to create environments that are unique, sustainable and beautiful.

Benefits for you

  • Design Freedom

    Explore different design scenarios to your heart’s content more...

    We support creativity with parametric solutions that welcome variance in usage, size, shape, angles, finishes, supports and bespoke elements. Complex building parameters and unique base buildings pose no challenge to our approach as our solutions meet stringent building codes and industry requirements.

    Creative freedom is made possible with our 3D design and manufacturing software, ICE®. As the most sophisticated BIM tool in the world, ICE captures material, pricing, engineering, manufacturing and installation information for every aspect of your project. With ICE, you can push boundaries and explore different design scenarios knowing that ICE will flag unsafe structural configurations.


  • CAD Compatible

    ICE supports file sharing with other BIM platforms more...

    Our 3D design and manufacturing software, ICE®, melts into Building Information Modelling (BIM) technologies such as AutoCAD®, SketchUp and Revit®. With simplified file sharing, exporting and importing, ICE encourages efficiencies at every level and supports the common file formats required for contract bids.


  • Cost Competitive

    Reduce job site labor to save time and resources more...

    Enjoy unparalleled speed, consistency and beauty that stays competitive with the first cost of a conventionally built interior. Traditional builders spend most of your budget on labor, contingency fees and conditions. Our pre-engineered solutions and approach provide you with cost and time certainties that ensure your budget goes towards materials instead of cost overruns.


  • Always Custom

    Persistent innovation makes our solutions unique more...

    If it’s never been done, we make it a first. Our interiors defy convention and extend the lifespan of natural and built environments with solutions that resolve complex architectural and design challenges. We work with innovative professionals in-house and across numerous industries to develop technologies, prototypes and new solutions to fit unique demands. We also test the integrity of everything we make, refine its aesthetic until it’s perfect and evolve its behaviors to help you achieve your goals.


  • Fast, Clean Installs

    Immediately reduce your build schedule more...

    This is more than a tilt-up, quick-connect construction method. Our accelerated approach to interior construction is a faster and less invasive way to build. In four weeks or less of your finalized order, your solutions arrive on your job site cut to size and pre-finished with electrical, data and plumbing in place. No offcuts, de-gassing or dust means noise and disruptions are minimized, quality is consistent and build schedules are reduced.

    With manufacturing facilities strategically located throughout North America, we conquer multiple aspects of large-scale projects at once to meet tight timelines and reduce overall schedules. Our solutions travel over shorter distances further complementing our rapid lead times and minimizing environmental impacts.


  • Green

    Meet your sustainability goals more...

    Leveraging the qualifications and extensive experience of our in-house Green Team, we can successfully help you complete your next LEED or other green building project. We source and use ethical, conflict-free and non-toxic materials including Eco Intelligent® fabrics, water-based stains, lacquers and paints. Our SCS Indoor Advantage® Gold certified glass assemblies and FSC® approved wood veneer finishes help improve the conditions within built environments with the least impact to the planet

    We are the first interior construction company in the world able to manufacture custom solutions as a standard practice using fewer resources than typical manufacturers. Our solutions are designed with reuse in mind, so our assemblies stay relevant for the life of the building.


  • Cost Certainty

    We hold to our original quote more...

    When your layout is finalized, you will receive an exact quote for your custom project prior to construction. Our ICE® 3D design and manufacturing software calculates the exact cost during the design phase, eliminating surprises during construction. Barring any major changes from the final design, we hold to our original quote. That way, you know in advance the profit you’ll clear and can move forward confidently.


Space Possibilties

Our solution is flexible, and smart enough to have your space realized.

  • Collaborative Spaces
  • Creative Spaces
  • High Density
  • High Tech
  • Learning Areas
  • Open Offices
  • Presentation Rooms
  • Private Offices
  • Reception Areas
  • Refreshment Centers
  • Rest Rooms
  • Wine Rooms