Enduring public sector spaces need to meet your specifications and those of the people you serve. At DIRTT, we excel at striking the right balance among privacy, accessibility, acoustics and functionality. We work with you to create modern and efficient spaces that are ready to change as your needs do. Whether you’re renovating existing facilities or moving into new ones, our sustainable solutions are designed and manufactured to ensure the least amount of disruption and waste. As a GSA-approved vendor, we work closely with you to specify, order and install the right solutions.

Cost Advantages

Cost-competitive from the start, and in the long term.

Our holistic approach offers numerous time and cost-saving advantages through the entire design-construction-maintenance life cycle. Harnessing the power of our ICE® software, we provide cost certainty during the design process without contingency fees — and we hold to that quote.
In conventional construction, 70% of the budget is spent on labor, contingencies, fees and conditions, while only 30% is spent on materials that stay in your space. DIRTT flips that ratio: 70% of your budget goes toward the materials that remain in your environment. DIRTT environments offer long-term durability and flexibility, saving you money beyond your initial installation.

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Rapid, Clean Construction

Use your space sooner.

DIRTT’s accelerated approach to interior construction offers you a faster and less invasive way to build functional workspaces. By reducing the project schedule, you gain access to your space sooner while saving the costs of a lengthy project schedule.
With our tailored solutions, all DIRTT elements are manufactured in our controlled, offsite facility to meet quality assurance standards and your exact specifications. The plug and play nature of our modular solutions means fewer trades are needed on site, significantly reducing errors, safety risks, and delays. Build time is reduced by as much as 50% compared to conventional methods.

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Simplified procurement process

Our established contractual relationships with the military, government agencies and public education bodies has given us insight into the unique needs and expectations of our interior solutions within public sector environments. That insight extends to the procurement process.
Working with DIRTT, procurement is a streamlined process. Through the power of ICE® technology, you’ll know exactly what you’re purchasing and the exact cost, down to the penny. Our network of local DIRTT Partners across the globe bring the tools and know-how to deliver cost and schedule efficiencies, no matter where the project is. With the understanding of regional needs, your Local DIRTT Partner acts as a design-assist and multi-trade sub-contractor to ensure an efficient project from start to completion and beyond.

GSA Approved

DIRTT has a pre-established contract with the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA). For further information, please click here.

GSA Federal Supply Schedule Contract # GS 07F 0005T

NPP Vendor

DIRTT’s NPPGov contract offers Government, Non-Profit, Public Safety and Education organizations a publicly awarded contract for easy purchasing saving time and money without competing. For further information, including how to get started, please click here.


Please note this list of contracts is not comprehensive.