Sustainable, high-performing and unique. DIRTT for Life is open to your residential design! Create the perfect home faster, cleaner and on budget. You’ll move in on time and have complete design certainty. You’ll build a forever-home ready to respond; whatever life brings.


  • Design Freedom

    DIRTT’s videogame-inspired software called ICE® is the key to getting what you want. Together, you and your designer explore and modify every detail of your home in vivid, interactive 3D. The experience gives you a deeper understanding of the design and confidence to sign-off because all costs are constantly tracked in real time. Read more...
  • Certainty

    Once you’ve decided you’re ready to build, your design feeds the DIRTT production facilities. While you were designing and keeping track of your budget, all the engineering data needed to build your home interior was ingrained into your design. All the dimensions are to a decimal of a millimeter of perfection. Every electrical outlet is perfectly straight and exactly where it should be. Nothing is left to chance.
  • Speed

    In the conventional construction world, Move-in day should be called “moving target day”. Availability of skilled trades, delayed materials and the fact every facet of the job is done in a linear order means move-in day is usually later than anticipated. With DIRTT, once your design is sent to DIRTT for production, everything is built in four weeks and delivered to site. Construction is a quick-connection of finished elements. You’re settled in your home 30% faster. Read more...
  • Sustainability

    Building green starts with Reduce and Reuse. Recycling provides a weak silver-lining when things are disposable. DIRTT construction is clean and fast. Dramatically less material waste and bins in front of your home. And, transportation pollution is reduced from multiple trades on a longer schedule. The certainty of the design experience means errors are mitigated. Nothing is torn down and started over. Once moved in, your interiors are cleanly adaptable and responsive without renovation waste. Read more...
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    You create the perfect home for who you are now. But wait. Life changes! DIRTT for Life means your home can change with you. Although our solutions look like permanent features, DIRTT interiors can be disassembled and altered to accommodate changing needs. Embrace the unknown and ensure your home will meet your needs today and in the future. Read more...