DIRTT innovates with
Corning® Willow® Glass

Reflecting on Innovation

Collaborating with Corning® Incorporated, the global leader in materials science, we’ve created one of the most innovative interior solutions in the world. Integrating Corning® Willow® Glass with our solutions represents a massive leap forward. This innovation extends the life of our built and natural environments to re-imagine a better future for our clients and industry.

Corning® Willow® Glass Quick facts

  • Only 0.2 mm (200 microns) thick, Corning® Willow® Glass is roughly the same thickness as two human hairs
  • Corning® Willow® Glass is 30 times thinner and lighter than standard 6 mm soda lime glass
  • Ultra-thin, flexible and lightweight it comes rolled in long spools that can hold as much as 4,000 sq. ft. of glass
  • It can be bonded to a variety of materials – acrylic, polycarbonate, steel and MDF (medium density fiber board).
  • Corning® Willow® Glass has high chemical resistance and excellent sealing and barrier properties
  • Is very durable and performs well under high impact and scratch resistance testing
  • Offers superior optical clarity and flexibility for its weight compared to other laminates

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